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The Army Software Factory (ASWF) is an Army Futures Command unit that enables Soldiers to become software professionals. We are prototyping a future force design with Soldier-led agile application teams while demonstrating a strategic joint capability for 2040. We find hidden tech talent in the Army and build proficiency and mastery in emerging technologies and processes. This results in an upskilled technical force that will enable the Army to become more data-centric and conduct operations in contested environments.
Our process already resulted in applications and tools used by over 46,000 Soldiers. Every six months, we welcome cohorts of 25 and immerse them in fields of software design and development. With over 175 participants as of September 2023, ASWF exposes Soldiers and select Department of the Army (DA) Civilians to technology industry best practices in the tech hub of Austin, Texas.
ASWF demonstrates how modern human capital and technology approaches can improve retention and job satisfaction in the Army while leveraging cloud capabilities and unique insights to solve Army problems. We've built modern agile software competence inside one of the world's largest organizations by blending industry best practices with military standards and rigor. Since our ribbon cutting in April 2021, we've released over two dozen usable apps with more in progress.
Our state-of-the-art DevSecOps environment and processes result in new apps Soldiers can use in less than 100 days. ASWF is also one of the Army's champions for operationalizing modern cloud technology, Agile methodologies, and DevSecOps simultaneously as many Fortune 500 companies have done to enable digital transformation.